Local SEO for service businesses helps local companies succeed. Service companies including home services, construction-related services, and other businesses that deliver services locally can be overwhelmed by all of the competition on the internet.  Business owners need an experienced SEO team who can properly amp up their online listings, optimize their website, and create new content on a regular basis.

The management of various online listings, including Google MyBusiness, Bing! Places for Business, Yelp, and Apple Maps is part of SEO for local services.  These listings, along with a multitude of other websites that list local service businesses can be used to help catapult a local business up to the top of search results.  Harnessing local listings and combining the content of those listings with solid on-page SEO to your own website is the best way to get requests for estimates and phone calls from people who are ready to buy.

In a nutshell, that is what our local SEO service does.  It gets your phone to ring with people who are already interested in having YOUR company provide service to them.  There is no need to pay per lead with SEO.  Even when you add on SEM Pay-per-click services to compliment your SEO plan, our webmasters will save you tons of money by keeping the clicks coming in and the cost-per-click low.

Don’t fall for the pay-per-lead listing services or for trying to manage your own campaign with “do-it-yourself” offerings from companies like yelp, thryv, or even Google Adwords Express.  Not to say that the services these companies offer aren’t valuable, because they definitely can be if used properly, but the “do-it-yourself” approach will require quite a lot of time.  Small business owners will not have time to run their business and deliver their services while trying to optimize ads and keep up with listings.  Over and above the countless hours you could spend messing with all the bells and whistles available in these ad services, ultimately, a business owner who is not an SEO and Marketing Specialist will end up spending a lot of time over-paying for advertising.

The local SEO experts at TopCat Webmasters can optimize your online marketing and advertising while also optimizing your website.  For a flat monthly rate, you can control your online advertising budget while your business continues to thrive.  It’s way better than do-it-yourself because we do it for you and we know how to do it right.

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